Glen Haynes - Resident Golf Coaching Professional at Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club.

PGA Certified, Advanced in Coaching, Qualified Golf Mind Psychology Coach

'Learn something new every time you play'
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Mind Golf

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Control 1st tee nerves?
  • Cope with adversity?
  • Handle pressure putts?
  • Overcome anxiety?
  • Ignore distractions?
  • Enter the zone at will?
  • Concentrate better?
  • Be more confident?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions then you can develop your Mind Golf skills. Mind Golf skills are learnt, not inherited and their development can benefit every golfer, from the novice to the tour professional.

    Glen has gained much valuable experience, competing on the Challenge, PGA Europro and Australasian Tours. He combines this with his extensive training in Sports Psychology, NLP and Performance Enhancement for the improvement and enjoyment of all golfers.

    Glen will begin with a comprehensive consultation. Together, you will discuss your mental strengths and weaknesses, training and experience. Then an effective program can be designed, tailor made for you, to develop the areas, which require attention. He will provide simple, practical techniques, to improve your golfing mental habits.

    Under evaluation, will be his 6 'C's of your golfing mental skills:

  • Commitment - dedication/commitment to the shot
  • Control - of your emotions & thoughts/life at home/work/social
  • Challenge - pushing yourself mentally to be the best golfer you can be
  • Confidence - in your ability, physical & mental/resilience
  • Concentration - handling distractions, internal & external/complete focus
  • Coaching - developing good mental habits with your coach
  • One-to-one sessions are conducted in the clubhouse, on the course or the driving range. They vary in duration, depending upon the individual's requirements and progress. Glen offers on-line and telephone support and has a number of packages available to suit you.

    Contact Glen to discuss how you can develop your golfing mind.

    Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club
    Stonecutters Drive
    02 9627 1816