Glen Haynes Golf - Rave Reviews

A few messages from some happy golfers:

Hi Glen, Thanks for your lessons - I found them extremely useful and now I have got to put them into practice. You have been excellent at explaining things in a simple manner and show lots of patience and great insight into what is happening in those microseconds when playing a shot. I hope you are able to return to Australia with your wife and continue to be healthy and successful. Best regards Mick

Hi Glen, Just a quick note to say that I have just had my best ever round of Golf today. We played the Tower course and I played off 14. I went around in 80 and scored 41 points. My game has really improved recently, as well as my mental approach to the game. A lot of this I have to put down to you, with your knowledge, help and enthusiasm that you have passed on to me. THANK YOU! Best wishes. A very happy Golfer. Ian

Hi Glen, Sorry, I'm not sure what time I will be back from meetings in London for the Par 3 Competition. However, Paul would like to take part. I'm so sorry you are leaving. You have been an awesome coach and I thank you for your support and patience. Thanks Glen, you have made this journey magical. See you tomorrow.....when I get off the train. Sue

Hi Glen, I just wanted to say again how much I have enjoyed my lessons with you in recent weeks. You have such an easy manner which makes learning an enjoyable process and you convey the coaching points so well. I am now feeling very motivated about improving my game and also I think more confident. I am very sorry you are leaving, particularly when I have just got to know you but I do wish you every happiness and success in the future whatever that might hold for you. Enjoy too spending some more time with your wife. Perhaps you could let me have an email address as I assume this one will change. Kind Regards Jennifer

Hi Glen, I have really enjoyed our lessons and had particular fun out on the course yesterday. I wish you all the best going forward with the challenges that lie ahead for you. When you get 5 minutes can you let me have your email address for when your Westwood one is no longer in use. Warmest regards, Denise

Hi Glen, Good to hear you are well and enjoying some travelling. We have just returned from a trip to Croatia in our camper . Didn't know you were a fellow campervanner! Yours looks considerably bigger than ours! I was really sorry to hear you are no longer teaching at Hunston as I learnt so much from you and was ready for some more lessons. I managed to get cut to 28 just before we went away so I was quite chuffed. I wish you both success in your future. Best wishes, Susan Marks

Glen, I'm afraid we will be away on your final weekend for half term, so Polly's last session will be next Saturday. Just in case we don't get an opportunity to say goodbye properly then - we would like to express our thanks for the wonderful introduction to golf and encouragement you have given to all of the children. We all hope your future plans work out exactly as you would wish. Stuart, Anne, Imogen, Thomas, Harriet and Polly

Glen, Hope your travels are as hoped. It was great being taught/coached by you. Hopefully, I will remember most. (as I write things down after). Stay it touch. Andrew

Glen, Glad you are enjoying yourself and getting to do what you wanted to do for a long time. I just played at Goodwood Park today and one of my playing partners commented on my putting strole and said it was one of the best he had seen for a long time. It was entirely thanks to you. It was wet and miserable but I score 3 x 1 putts, with 34 putts overall, down from 40+, which I was very pleased with. Thought I'd let you know all your help is still paying dividend. Keep in touch. Mahesh

Hello Glen, Thank you for being so patient and understanding as a coach - feel really well on the way to actually enjoying the game now and can't wait for spring to come around. Jacqui

Hi Glen, Max (age 12) was pleased to hear from you and has said that he misses the coaching sessions with you and Tony. He really enjoyed the 1-2-1 and group sessions and has learnt loads. I think your approach really worked for Max. You broke golf down into its simplest form and built it back up with great effect. At half term, he played in the Junior Open at Southwick. It was wet and playing long off the white tees. He shot 90 (nett 66) and came 3rd! He still left several putts out there on the course but he knows he needs to work on this. I think I will us chocolate as an incentive on the putting green during practice sessions!! I am delighted to say that with your help, Max has achieved his target of playing to 18.Max has started playing at Goodwood. They would like him to join one of the junior teams, we will see how this goes. Thanks again for your coaching and support. Good things happen to good people and we wish you, Helen and Jasper all the best. Please stay in touch. Regards, Lee Herring

Hello Glen, Just to say many thanks for your golf tuition. I wish you well for your future. Best wishes, Brian Kerly

Thank you Glen - we will be playing tomorrow as usual - weather permitting but unless it is awful we still play so thank you for all your encouragement. Yes I am V E R Y into campervanning that's why I go away so much, I love travel - such fun seeing the wonderful world we live in and meeting so many lovely, interesting people. So keep enjoying your travels for as long as possible. With best wishes, Charlotte

Dear Glen, How nice to hear from you and to hear you are having a wonderful holiday and a break I know you richly deserve. It was great being on the course with you, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I learnt a lot, considerably more than from the individual tutoring I had some years ago. And that is down to your teaching. I wish you and Helen well, Helen with her book and you with your future golf back down under. It would be nice to keep in touch and I have stored your email. All best wishes, Tony Grant

Hi Glen, Disappointing news! (that you're leaving) It has been a pleasure working with you and my golf has improved considerably thanks to your help, insight and occasional humour! I hope your coaching career, wherever that will be, continues to thrive. Look forward to seeing you on Friday at 5.30 for our on course lesson. Best wishes Simon

Hi Glen, I wanted to say thank you for your patience in teaching me to play golf. I have never been any good at any type of sport and basically when I have had to try it was useless, I often thought about trying golf but never had the courage but am pleased to say that meeting you has totally changed my life. I now feel confident enough to play at Chichester and with my daughter at Goodwood. I know I will never be a pro but know I can play a round without making a fool of myself. I play at least once a week and thoroughly enjoy it. Thank you once again, take care in Europe and hope your move back to Oz goes as plans. Yours Coleen

Good luck Glen - I very much enjoyed my lessons with you earlier this year. Nigel (leftie returning to game after 25 years!)

Hi Glen, That is sad news that you are leaving. I to have enjoyed very much our time together and for sure my golf has come on so much and I do have an improved understanding and therefore am able to “self assist” when its going pear shaped. Look forward to hearing from you. Simon

Dear Glen, Thanks for all your advice and the chats. Good luck to both of you and Jasper in the future. Thanks again, Alan

Dear Glen, Thank you for your email. It is really good to hear your news and read such an encouraging assessment of your time in/around Chichester. Both you and Tony greatly encouraged me in the great game, and I do hope that I can turn my Privilege Card membership into a full membership sometime next year. You and your wife have my very best wishes for the future. And if I am honest, I am a little envious that you are travelling around Europe in a motorhome! Keep safe; keep comms. Best regards, Gary O

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