Glen Haynes is a Head Coach at the Monash Golf Academy in Sydney, Australia.

His unique approach is designed to help players unlock their true potential through tried and tested skill development techniques.

Rather than the standard 'Fault Fixing' format, Glen's students enjoy building Golf Training Programs with him, including goal setting, effective practice techniques and mental and physical preparation.

Together with PGA Colleague, Steve Gannon, they have created, THE learning resource for club and social golfers. They also post content regularly on their successful YouTube channel - Aussie Golf Pros.

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Here's what people are saying about Glen


13 hcp

Your lesson was very helpful. I am keeping the length of the backswing and followthrough the same on many putts. My putting is now much more steady. Thank you for the follow up.

Mary Jo

22 hcp

I love your videos for their simplicity and great instruction. I am your greatest fan!! I follow them religiously and tell all my golfing friends too.


4 hcp

Another A Grade win, 3 wins and a 2nd in 4 weeks! My handicap has dropped 43% since Christmas. We must be doing something right!


Glen Haynes

Head Coach

Monash Golf Academy

Ingleside, NSW

Australia, 2101