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Quick update on the impact of your lessons - they help me "feel" what I should be doing. Presto! I now get it! 34 points & 38 points. Best I’ve struck the ball in 18 months. Hitting 30m longer but more importantly, straight. Thanks Glen! I was lost and thinking about a break from golf. Instead, I opted for lessons from the legendary teacher and counting the days to my next game. Our goal of achieving a 9 handicap is definitely reachable.

Glenn H - 13 Hcp

I've been a golf addict for a long while but this from my wife:  'Wow!!! You're on fire, look how organised you are?!'

This coach is doing wonders, I'm impressed! Holistic doesn't come close. We've covered goals; stats; mental fundamentals (which is huge); chipping techniques; long, medium and short putting drills and effective practice.

I've used a few coaches in my time but this is next level. I honestly can't recommend Glen enough!

Leon M - 13 Hcp

Glen, your recommendations are helping immensely.

I finally got the nerve to play 18 holes - pleasantly surprised. I‘m getting used to the faster tempo and the results are astounding! I actually shot very well after the layoff. The round was enjoyable and I have renewed hope about playing without my built-in freezing delay.

Thank you so much! You'll be the only coach I'll call, even halfway around the world!

John B - 23 Hcp

Glen Haynes is a holistic Golf Coach, based at the Monash Golf Academy in Sydney, Australia.

His unique approach is designed to help players unlock their true potential through tried and tested skill development techniques.

Rather than the standart 'Fault Fixing' format, Glen's students enjoy building Golf Development Plans with him, including goal setting, effective practice techniques and mental and physical preparation.